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Garnett wires, Fibre Waste Opening Wires Interlock Wire & Plain Rib Wire

ABCC Metallica manufactures Garnett wire for Garnett machine and waste opener using high grade raw materials by trained workforce to ensuring world class metallic card clothing.

We manufactures a range of wires to process various types of fibres on Roller Cards and Opening Machines. Wires are manufactured from appropriate high carbon steel. Wire profiles are annealed on the base to provide ease of mounting and roller grip. precision formed teeth have hardened tips to ensure best carding action & long life. Wires available are:

Plain Rib Wire
Interlock Wire
Moral Wire

Metallica wires are ideal for the particular carding conditions and give best results to obtain:

Minimum fibre rupture
Optimum carding action
Perfect web
Long service life
Better added value

To recommend suitable wires for best carding solution, please inform:

Card make, Model and width
Configuration of Card
Diameter of Roller
Delivery speed of Card
Material to be processed
Fiber denier and length
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