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Metallic Card Clothing at ABCC Metallica

Metallic card clothing is a continuous saw tooth like wire made in a wide range of specifications. This is mounted around various rollers of the carding / opening machines. Its function is same like flexible card clothing but mostly confined to short staple fibres and high speed carding / opening machines. Metallic Card Clothing is manufactured in a wide range of precise specifications for achieving the desirable quality results of the end product.

ABCC Metallica has vast experience in manufacturing and marking of all kinds of metallic card clothing. We manufactures metallic card clothing using high grade raw materials by trained workforce to ensuring world class high quality metallic card clothing.

We have an efficient integrated modern factory to supply excellent quality Card Clothing and Felting Needles.

Our Technical team gives expert advice on applications for best results & prompt after sales service.

Our lab is fully equipped, each order is thoroughly checked for all parameters before despatch.

Improvements to meet the changing trends is constantly being done.

ABCC METALLICA manufactures Card Clothing for the following applications:
Revolving flat cards
Semi Worsted
Felting Needles for non woven needle punching machines:
Felting Needles
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